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Prepare Your Yard For Next Spring

Preparing Now Can Reduce Mosquitoes Later

Autumn is here and so are cooler temperatures. The grill is covered, and snacks for football season are now on the menu. The abandoned playset out back means the kids are back to school. Autumn means the end of summer … however it does not mean the end of mosquito season!

Mosquitoes are still lurking and breeding in your yard, which is why prevention during the cooler months is so important. Female mosquitoes are still actively looking for places to lay their eggs, and just a tiny amount of standing water – about a tablespoon! – is all they need. We can help you identify those potential problem areas such as landscaping décor, planters, bird baths, clogged gutters, and more.

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Eliminating breeding grounds and getting rid of the adult mosquitoes before cold weather sets in is the best way to have a more pleasant outdoor experience in early Spring.

Did you know?

Did you know that mosquito eggs can survive the winter?

Some species’ eggs can live through the winter and hatch as soon as the temperatures start to climb. Eliminating the breeding grounds is the first step. During your regularly scheduled treatments, we will help identify trouble spots and eliminate standing or stagnant water where mosquitoes love to breed.

Did you know the cold weather doesn’t always kill off the adult mosquitoes?

When it gets below 50 degrees F, some species will hide in holes and shut down until it warms again. If you have an unexpected warming, those adults could be invading your yard – and laying eggs – long before your Spring treatments are scheduled. Eliminating the adults before Winter hits may resolve that problem.

Did you know that preventative methods now can help maintain control of the mosquitoes in Spring?

Mosquito Authority treatment schedules vary by region and climate. Our treatment start dates are set using historical weather data for each territory. Treating your property later in the Fall (and early Winter in some locations) can go very far in helping us gain quick control of the mosquito population as soon as the warmer weather rolls in.

For More Information: Find a mosquito location near you, or call us at 800-709-1190 if you have any questions.

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