The Buzz About…BEES!

All About Honey Bees

At The Mosquito Authority, we know all things that buzz aren’t bad. In spite of its painful sting, the honey bee is responsible for both honey production and pollination. And those are two VERY important roles. That’s why the Honey Bee happens to be one of our favorite beneficial insects. Just ahead of the honey bee, though, are our children, their health and their safety.

You see, there are people out there perpetuating an argument that pesticides are responsible for the widespread decline in bee populations worldwide, a phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder. As a result, many of these same people are implying (and in some cases flat out accusing) pest control companies like us of killing off the honey bees.

We’ve researched it. We could list all the facts, figures and research we’ve found. But the truth is, we are perfectly willing to leave that argument to those who feel compelled to argue. The Mosquito Authority and other professional pest control companies are experts on the pesticides we use and how to use them properly. Our technicians go through extensive training in the proper application process with an emphasis on avoiding application to beneficial insects like honey bees.