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Licensed Residential Mosquito & Tick Services

Mosquito Authority Provides on-going mosquito & Tick protection

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Do you wish you had a mosquito-free yard this summer? Mosquito Authority can help. We’ve been helping residential customers like you since 2002. In truth, that’s why we started up in the first place: our founder wanted to eliminate mosquitoes from his yard so that his daughters could play without fear of transmittable diseases. Since then, we’ve expanded to offer tick barrier control services and numerous other pest control options.

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We Take Residential Mosquito control Seriously

If you’re a homeowner living with mosquitoes in the summertime, you might consider them merely a nuisance. You might have tried hardware store remedies like citronella candles, at-home sprays, and repellents. However, the best way to combat mosquitoes is by partnering with a professional team like Mosquito Authority. Our commercial sprays are designed to kill mosquitoes on the spot and provide lasting protection.

It’s more important than ever to take mosquitoes seriously since they carry a number of diseases, many of which can be deadly. Nearly 700 million people contract mosquito-borne illnesses each year, and around 1 million of them die as a result. Part of our mission is to inform people of just how dangerous mosquitoes are. Don’t leave your family’s health to chance – take residential mosquitoes seriously and call on the professionals when they appear.

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Mosquito Barrier Control Services

Residential Tick Barrier Control Services

Mosquito Authority is also an expert when it comes to ticks. Like mosquitoes, ticks are considered a nuisance. They’re active in the spring and summer and often make their homes in tall grass. Also, like mosquitoes, ticks can cause serious illnesses: like Lyme disease. In addition to that, they can make life miserable for pets. Because people and pets can often carry ticks indoors without realizing it, it’s more important than ever to work with a pest control professional.

We disrupt the mosquitoes’ life cycle

Mosquitoes have a 21 day life cycle, we disrupt it by treating the areas they are likely to feed and reproduce. After inspecting your property, different treatments are applied to fit your unique situation.  First, for prime areas for mosquito breeding, we apply a direct solution.  Our barrier treatment along the perimeter of the property eliminates mosquitoes as they attempt to feed off your greenery.  We can treat your yard once for a specific event or return every 21 days to keep mosquito larvae from growing.

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No Mosquitoes Guaranteed

No Mosquitoes.  GUARANTEED.

While nothing can eliminate every mosquito from your property, our service works so well we guarantee you won’t be bothered by mosquitoes between treatments. If you are? Well, all you have to do is call. We’ll come back out, re-assess your property, and, if necessary, re-treat at no additional charge. If you aren’t happy with your results, we will cheerfully refund your investment.

No Commitments, No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

We’re so confident in our mosquito barrier treatment services, we don’t require long-term commitments. The most effective way to keep mosquitoes under control is to set up a regular maintenance program. Some exterminators ask customers to commit to regular treatments in advance, but that’s not how we do business at Mosquito Authority. We’re so confident that you’ll love our services, you choose to enlist our team for future treatments without any contracts.

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